The Company

Kate Elizabeth Photography got its start in 2012 when I took a photography class at Pierce College in Los Angeles, and I chose to capture mothers and children for my final project.  I put out a call for volunteers with different numbers of children, and went to work capturing the most beautiful bonds between women and their most precious treasures.  It was magical, and one of those images has been pinned on Pinterest more than 1,500 times!  I knew then that family portraiture was where I needed to be.

Shortly after this, I went to South Africa for the first time, to a community called Embo that struggles with deep poverty and disease. There, my skills grew by leaps and bounds as I documented and fell in love with the beautiful Zulu people.  The orphans I got to know especially touched my heart, and I was determined to help them in any way I could.  For this reason, 10% of all sales from Kate Elizabeth Photography goes to the orphanage in Embo.  So when you choose me as your photographer, you are providing food, clothing, medicine and shelter to children in need.  Book with me and make a difference today!

One of my precious moments: I'm sitting next to my favorite uncle while he holds my baby brother and talks to my sister.
One of my precious moments: I’m sitting next to my favorite uncle while he holds my baby brother and talks to my sister.

The Artist

Hi! I’m Kate Elizabeth, or Katie, as most people call me.

I have always loved pouring over the dozens of photo albums that my mom put together of our family while I was growing up. I used to sit and look at old pictures for hours, remembering all over again the times that made me laugh until my stomach hurt, the beloved places that are no longer a part of my life and therefore such a treasure to have in photos, and most importantly, the people that I love the most. Many of those people have passed away, so those photos are precious treasures to me.

And so I started taking my own photos early on. I remember feeling particularly proud when my mom, who lived behind her camera, complimented a photo I took at an 8th grade summer camp. She thought the composition was especially good. I remember looking at it often, comparing it to other photos to see what made it better, and trying to take more photos that would make my mom proud.

I went to school in Germany for 6 months in 1999/2000. I wanted to be prepared, so I brought 23 rolls of film with me, and my roommates and friends teased me about it. However, by the end of school, those same friends were asking me for copies of all the photos I had taken. Two decades later, I still look at those tangible memories I can hold in my hands, and it makes that incredible time in my life feel close. I can relive those glorious days over and over, instead of just letting them fade away. I’m even tearing up right now just thinking about it. It might seem silly, but emotions are powerful, and being able to bring up memories that give you those emotions without worrying about losing them is a valuable thing. Photos do that for you.

When I’m not taking photos, you will most likely find me taunting my Astros-loving husband with my Dodgers gear, cuddling with my cats and my puppy while watching Grey’s Anatomy or the Bachelor, playing with my numerous nieces and nephews, singing at church, and pulling all sorts of pranks on the people I love. Shenanigans is my middle name! Well, it’s Elizabeth, but you get the point.

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If you have questions, please give me a call or text at (818) 965-9667, or email kate@kateephoto.com.  If my style compliments yours, and you’re ready to book a session, click the button to the right and make an appointment.

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