Day 7: Photo-a-day project

Day 7: my husband (the one person in line facing the camera) and I went to Costco at closing time. I went to put away the groceries while he stood in line for our dinner. I looked over and realized it would be a good opportunity to pull the camera out of my purse and get my shot! I liked the light highlighting the people versus the darkness of the evening, and it shows a very real part of life: standing in line!

As a bonus, here is the other shot that I was considering for a photo of the day. We got home and before I unloaded the haul, I pulled the camera out again.

All these photos are so dark! Maybe in the next few days I’ll actually shoot something during the day!

Day 6: Photo-a-day project

Oh hey! I skipped another day. But today’s image was taken at my parent’s house. We have been watching their dog while they were in California for Christmas, and late tonight they got home. We met them over there to drop the dog off, and to help unload their car, and I peeked around the corner and got this photo of my cute dad.

Day 4: Photo-a-day project

So I missed day 3. I intended to take my camera to Starbucks when I went there to work and write yesterday, but I left it at home. And then I didn’t feel well for the rest of the day and it just didn’t happen.  Always in the past when I failed at something I had decided to do on a daily basis, I would quit completely because I had already missed a day, so it wasn’t perfect anymore.  But I just finished reading Jon Acuff’s new book Finish, and it was inspiring. He tells us to slay perfectionism, and to pick up and keep going after you’ve failed.  So that’s what I’m doing, and it feels great!  I went into this knowing I would miss days and not be perfect, and I’m totally OK with that!

So here’s Day 4. It’s great having my camera next to me all the time, because when I was eating this apple and my mom’s dog was waiting expectantly for the core, I spotted this great shot, and reached over for the camera and was able to capture it.  Just part of my daily life, through the lens of my Canon. Normally I would have taken this photo with my phone, but I wouldn’t have been able to control the depth and field to make Winston blurry in the background, and it’s much better this way!

Day 2 : Photo-a-day project

Day 2!  I’m not gonna lie, I already wanted to skip today. But instead, I had my husband turn off all the lights and play with his phone, which he was already doing, but not sitting in the dark like a bat. I’m really not a low light genius, so I figured I’d play around with that. Basically though, my camera doesn’t like to focus on areas that are too dark (like his eye), and I don’t trust my own eyes enough to do manual focus. I’m super blind. But despite the soft eye, I like the phone light in his face. I think he’s cute!  Tomorrow I’ll bring my camera out into the world and see what I can find.

Kate Elizabeth Photography

Day 1: Photo-a-day project

So here we are: January 1, 2018. I have actually made some resolutions this year, and I plan to stick to them. Sticking to them doesn’t mean perfection, so I guarantee I’m gonna eat unhealthful foods sometimes, and I’ll miss days in the gym, and I will forget to take or post a photo every so often in this project. But I’m pledging that MOST days of 2018, I will post a photo. I’m excited to push myself, and see how much I grow in a year, both in the photos I take, and in my ability to stick with it!

My first picture, unsurprisingly, is of my silly kitten Ella, after I found her climbing high in the kitchen. She looks guilty.

Join me in this project! It will be lots of fun!

Kate Elizabeth Photography

Photo-a-day challenge

I have decided to do a Photo-a-day challenge in 2018. I’ve heard so many stories of people doing this and the result is major growth in their photography skills. I feel like it won’t have too much of an impact on my skills, but I’m looking forward to seeing if I’m wrong there!

I take pictures every day with my phone, usually of my cats being adorable or my husband being goofy, but I want to be intentional here and use my real camera. Because I want this to stretch me and to take some effort. I mean, right now I could pick up my phone, which is sitting next to me, and take a picture of my red toe nail polish glinting in the sunlight that’s pouring in through the cracks in my blinds and be done with it, but where would that get me? That’s a lazy bones approach. I still might be lazy and take 365 pictures of my cats in my house, but at least I’ll be intentional about it and use some real equipment and edit in Lightroom. You never know how my editing technique could change in a year.

So here we go! I’m gonna start on January 1st only because I want to put this out there and ask people to join me. So join me! Pick up your camera, or your phone if that’s what you have, and go document life!

Here are my two different cats on two different days with two different cameras (Vader with the Canon and Ella with my husband’s iPhone 7). Same Christmas tree.

Holidays: family time

One of the best things about my family is how much fun my siblings, cousins, and I had together when we were growing up. I absolutely LOVE getting to see all my nieces and nephews following in our footsteps now, and you can bet I’m never far off with my camera. My brother is a photographer as well, and our family hit the jackpot because there is never a shortage of amazing photos of all the kids!

Sullia & family

I have this friend, Sullia. She has been such an encouragement for me since the beginning stages of my photography business, and yesterday she hired me to update the photos I took of her family several years ago. She introduced me to this delightful little park about halfway between her house and mine, where I took that picture of trees through my open car window, and we got to work capturing some family fun! I always love getting to photograph her beautiful family!                

Magazine shoot

I was asked to take photos for an article appearing in the Pierce College Media Arts Department Magazine, so Tracy and I took to the beach to accomplish the task.  We had a blast!  We met in our Journalism 101 class at Pierce, and it’s fun to be able to contribute to the place and department that helped me become the photographer I am today! I’m also incredibly proud of Tracy and the awesome reporter she is! This girl has taken Malibu by storm, and you can read her work in the Malibu Times Magazine.


Naomi grad session

I was so happy to get to photograph this smart, driven woman for her graduation!  Congratulations, Naomi!