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Photo-a-day project: Day 32

Today, my mom called me up as I was finishing work and asked me if I wanted to come get her car smog-checked with her, because there was a cool place she wanted to show me. I made sure my camera was in my purse, and drove over to her house. When we got to the Sweetwater Wetlands, I realized I had forgotten to put my memory card back in my camera, so I was gonna have to miss out on photos from this beautiful place! However, my mom had her camera with her too (like she always does. I come by this photography passion honestly. My brother is a photographer too.), and she had the kind of memory card I needed! We ended doing a multi-location mini session of my mom, and we had a blast! More importantly, I found some really great places for future photoshoots!

When I showed my mom her little slideshow, I titled it, “Karin in the wild.”

And then she took this photo of me! Win, win!

Magazine shoot

I was asked to take photos for an article appearing in the Pierce College Media Arts Department Magazine, so Tracy and I took to the beach to accomplish the task.  We had a blast!  We met in our Journalism 101 class at Pierce, and it’s fun to be able to contribute to the place and department that helped me become the photographer I am today! I’m also incredibly proud of Tracy and the awesome reporter she is! This girl has taken Malibu by storm, and you can read her work in the Malibu Times Magazine.