Orphanage Support

I have had the incredible honor of going to South Africa three times, and each time I have fallen more in love with the Zulu people and the orphans in Embo, located in Kwazulu Natal.  The last time I went, in August of 2017, my husband got to come along with me, and his heart joined mine in loving and longing to adopt two children from there. It's a complicated case and we don't know if it will come to fruition, but regardless of whether we get to take those two precious children home with us someday, I want to make sure that they are well taken care of, along with the other children they live with in the orphanage.

Recently, the social department of the South African government has gone bankrupt, and can no longer afford to help orphanages provide for the children, so they are being sent to live with relatives who cannot afford to care for them. My heart breaks for these children, and it is my goal to be able to fully fund this orphanage through a percentage of my photography sales, as well as donations from those who feel led to help.

There are two ways you can help: by booking a session with me today and I will donate 10% of what you spend, or by donating directly to the orphanage.