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Photo-a-day project: Day 36

Part of doing a photo-a-day project is just capturing life as it happens. Yesterday, Day 36, happened to include a 9-hour long trip to the ER for my husband. He sustained a traumatic brain injury when he was 19, and as a result, he has spasticity. What that means for him is that his right side tenses up and won’t relax, his arm stays up in the air, his hip hurts, walking is more difficult, etc. Because of this, he has an intrathecal baclofen pump in his stomach, that pumps a small amount of baclofen through his system all the time. The baclofen allows his body to relax and have more movement. It makes life a lot easier for him, and a lot more comfortable.

Yesterday he started to experience withdrawal symptoms, so to the ER we went.

Day 35 – Photo-a-day project

Today was the Super Bowl, and I thought for sure I would get an action shot of my husband cheering.  Instead, I was in the kitchen making homemade chicken and dumplings during the whole game, but before I got started cooking, I was making our guests (my parents) comfortable, and my mom got cold. So I made sure she was covered adequately and then cracked up, took this photo, and went on my merry, dinner-making way.

Day 34: Photo-a-day project

Oh man. Day 34 was so cool!  I’m not a scenery photographer by any means, but the photos I took today are definitely getting printed and going up on my walls!  My husband, my parents, and I went to the San Xavier del Bac Mission on the Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation near Tucson, and the sky was an absolutely stunning clear blue.  The white building against that background was simply exquisite!  I just might have to go find some more cool buildings!

Photo-a-day project: Day 32

Today, my mom called me up as I was finishing work and asked me if I wanted to come get her car smog-checked with her, because there was a cool place she wanted to show me. I made sure my camera was in my purse, and drove over to her house. When we got to the Sweetwater Wetlands, I realized I had forgotten to put my memory card back in my camera, so I was gonna have to miss out on photos from this beautiful place! However, my mom had her camera with her too (like she always does. I come by this photography passion honestly. My brother is a photographer too.), and she had the kind of memory card I needed! We ended doing a multi-location mini session of my mom, and we had a blast! More importantly, I found some really great places for future photoshoots!

When I showed my mom her little slideshow, I titled it, “Karin in the wild.”

And then she took this photo of me! Win, win!

Photo-a-day project: Day 30

Day 30: I got to meet this sweet family, and their little girl was a big fan of my kitten!  You don’t get much cuter than that!

The parents apologized for the lopsided pony tails, but to me, they were perfect. They fit her! Her hair is as full of character as she is. I don’t want to take photos of polished and perfect lives. I want to capture the essence of who you are! I want to portray in a lasting and tangible way that sassy look, the belly laugh that is contagious and gets everyone else in the room going, and that expression that those closest you to love because it’s so “you.” This, to me, is the reason for photography, and this is why I’m here.

Photo-a-day project: Day 22

Day 22 of my photo-a-day project was so much fun! I only had one light to use instead of two, because my kitten knocked one over and broke it, and the replacement light bulb will come from Amazon today, but figuring out all kinds of different lighting situations is a big part of what I’m doing here! I’m comfortable with outdoor natural light, but this is a whole different ballgame!


Photo-a-day Project: Day 18

Today is my favorite day of my photo-a-day project so far!! Not only did I get to photograph this cute mama and kiddos, but I also got to play with my indoor lighting setup, AND I got to catch up with an old friend that I haven’t seen in 13 years! Being back in Tucson is proving to be pretty fun for me!

This is my official Day 18 photo, but I couldn’t leave the others out! These kids are absolutely delightful!

Day 2 : Photo-a-day project

Day 2!  I’m not gonna lie, I already wanted to skip today. But instead, I had my husband turn off all the lights and play with his phone, which he was already doing, but not sitting in the dark like a bat. I’m really not a low light genius, so I figured I’d play around with that. Basically though, my camera doesn’t like to focus on areas that are too dark (like his eye), and I don’t trust my own eyes enough to do manual focus. I’m super blind. But despite the soft eye, I like the phone light in his face. I think he’s cute!  Tomorrow I’ll bring my camera out into the world and see what I can find.

Kate Elizabeth Photography

Photo-a-day challenge

I have decided to do a Photo-a-day challenge in 2018. I’ve heard so many stories of people doing this and the result is major growth in their photography skills. I feel like it won’t have too much of an impact on my skills, but I’m looking forward to seeing if I’m wrong there!

I take pictures every day with my phone, usually of my cats being adorable or my husband being goofy, but I want to be intentional here and use my real camera. Because I want this to stretch me and to take some effort. I mean, right now I could pick up my phone, which is sitting next to me, and take a picture of my red toe nail polish glinting in the sunlight that’s pouring in through the cracks in my blinds and be done with it, but where would that get me? That’s a lazy bones approach. I still might be lazy and take 365 pictures of my cats in my house, but at least I’ll be intentional about it and use some real equipment and edit in Lightroom. You never know how my editing technique could change in a year.

So here we go! I’m gonna start on January 1st only because I want to put this out there and ask people to join me. So join me! Pick up your camera, or your phone if that’s what you have, and go document life!

Here are my two different cats on two different days with two different cameras (Vader with the Canon and Ella with my husband’s iPhone 7). Same Christmas tree.

Holidays: family time

One of the best things about my family is how much fun my siblings, cousins, and I had together when we were growing up. I absolutely LOVE getting to see all my nieces and nephews following in our footsteps now, and you can bet I’m never far off with my camera. My brother is a photographer as well, and our family hit the jackpot because there is never a shortage of amazing photos of all the kids!