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Photo-a-day project: Day 36

Part of doing a photo-a-day project is just capturing life as it happens. Yesterday, Day 36, happened to include a 9-hour long trip to the ER for my husband. He sustained a traumatic brain injury when he was 19, and as a result, he has spasticity. What that means for him is that his right side tenses up and won’t relax, his arm stays up in the air, his hip hurts, walking is more difficult, etc. Because of this, he has an intrathecal baclofen pump in his stomach, that pumps a small amount of baclofen through his system all the time. The baclofen allows his body to relax and have more movement. It makes life a lot easier for him, and a lot more comfortable.

Yesterday he started to experience withdrawal symptoms, so to the ER we went.